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Dinner Menu


Dinner Menu


limited saturday night menu

Saturday Evening from 9:30pm till 12:30am

limited saturday night menu

Saturday Evening from 9:30pm till 12:30am



Lamb, Herbs, Tomato Jam, Watercress

Smoked Maple Glazed Beef Bacon 24

Thick Hand Sliced Beef Bacon with a Maple Glaze

Truffle Fries 16

Hand cut, Fresh Shaved Black Truffle, Truffle Aioli

Chicken Wings 19

Sweet and Spicy Glaze, Scallions.Pickled Cabbage

Street Tacos 24

Pulled Beef, Salsa Verde, Chipotle Crema

Pulled Beef Wonton 21

Sweet and Spicy Fried Beef Wontons


Mediterranean Salad    16

Chick Peas, Roasted Red peppers, Olives, Mixed Greens, Red Wine Vinaigrette

  • Add Chicken 17

  • Add 7oz Steak   27

Chicken + Waffle   36

Sweet Waffle, Fried Chicken,Poppy Seed and

Cabbage Slaw, Maple-Siracha, Garlic Mayo

The Famous B&B Burger  28      

Portobello Cap, Truffle Aioli, Onion Jam, Lettuce and Heirloom Tomatoes.

 Served with Fresh Cut Fries and House


  • Add Avocado  3

  • Add Beef Bacon   4


Fried Cauliflower   12

B&B Fries   12

Garlic Broccolini   12

Beef Bacon & Chive Potato Puree 12


S'mores Lava Cake    14

Toasted Marshmallows, Graham Crackers, Vanilla Ice


Bison Doughnuts 14

Fried Doughnuts with Cinnamon Sugar, served with four

sauces: Smoked Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Almond Sauce, Strawberry Sauce

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Signature Cocktail Menu

Signature Cocktail Menu

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Wine List

Wine List

by the Glass


Bartenura, Pinot Grigio 

Goose Bay, Sauvignon Blanc  

Twin Suns, Chardonnay 

Tishbi, Chenin Blanc

Borgo Reale, Pinot Grigio

Baron Herzog, Chardonnay

Dalton Estate M, Sauvignon Blanc


Ovadia Estates, Montepulciano

Psagot Sinai, Cabernet- Shiraz

Dalton Crimson Red Blend

Baron Herzog, Cabernet Sauvignon

Ramon Cardova, Rioja

Sparkling & Rose

Pacifica, Columbia Gorge Rose

Bartenura, Prosecco

Red By The Bottle


Psagot Sinai, Cabernet- Shiraz 60

Dalton Crimson Red Blend 72

Psagot, Cabernet Franc 70

Shiloh Legend, Red Blend 80

Binyamina, Reserve Merlot 52

Binyamina, Reserve Cabernet 52

Shiloh Privilege, Red Blend 65

Hayotzer, Auteur Cabernet Sauvignon 95

Shiloh Mosaic, Red Blend 100

Hayotzer Lyrica Meritage 110

The Cave, Cabernet- Merlot 140



Chateau Rollan de By 98

Chateau Tour Seran 130



Ovadia Estates, Montepulciano 40

Borgo Reale, Brunello di Montalcino 110


Ramon Cardova, Tempranillo 42



Baron Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon 42

Twin Suns Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon 60

The Tribe by Covenant, Red Blend 70

Herzog Special Reserve, Cabernet 65

Hagafen, Pinot Noir 80


New Zealand

Goosebay, Pinot Nior 65 

White By The Bottle


Tishbi, Chenin Blanc 40

Dalton Estate M, Sauvignon Blanc 55


Twins Suns, Chardonnay 40

Baron Herzog, Chardonnay 45

Herzog, Single Vineyard Albarino 58

The Tribe By Covenant, Chardonnay 60

Herzog Reserve, Chardonnay 65


Borgo Reale, Pinot Grigio 40


Chateau Valmer, Vouvray 50

Pascal Bouchard, Chardonnay 55

Les Marronniers, Chablis 60

New Zealand

Goose Bay, Sauvignon Blanc 50

Goose Bay, Pinot Grigio 52

By The Bottle Rose

Pacifica, Columbia Gorge Rose 35


By The Bottle Sparkling

Bartenura, Prosecco 60

Drappier, Carte Blanche 98

Barons de Rothschild 140